Backer Stats

About us


Fabricio Galvao, the founder behind Backerstats, has a background in information systems.


In 2017 Fabricio’s was invited to help manage the financial backend of a 6-player stable, which mainly involved using a lot of google spreadsheets. Months went by and more players started to arrive and the difficulty of managing everything started to increase dramatically, so after a lot of talking and discussing he had the idea of developing an automated system.


Fabricio quit his job at a company as a developer and started building the system, but unfortunately the stable he was helping to manage closed before the system was ready. He was without a job and the system was not yet ready. He started looking for another stable willing to test the system and start working with backerstats. That’s when the StarsTeam gave him the huge opportunity by agreeing to test the system and get it into production.


In June 2019 the system went live and new stables started to sign up – once they saw how much easier it made their lives. The Supernova and FBrasil teams were the next to embark on this journey. Two years after our first customer, the system is growing and improving every day and we are now helping more than 30 stables!


Backerstats goal is to make the difficult work of managing tens or hundreds of poker players as simple as managing five. We want to make it easy to track your money and results. But most importantly we want to make the information you need easily accessible and at your fingertips for you to make the best decisions you can.

Fabricio Galvao founder backerstats