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Backing made EASY

Eliminate the need for a million spreadsheets. Track your transactions and performance on one secure platform!


Security & Privacy

Security and Data Privacy is paramount for us. That's why we:

  • Use SSL to encrypt all website traffic 

  • Daily back up your data

  • Integrated Okta for user management

  • Enabled multi-factor authentication

Check out our privacy policy!



Quickly and easily see how your whole poker stable is doing including your Profit & Loss and Total Bankroll across all sites and wallets.  Other dashboard features include:

  • Reload Handling 

  • Automated Profit chops based on each players specific deal

  • Easily Track Revenue and Expenses

  • Create and track Loans to players, instead of losing value by adding to makeup

  • Easy to search!

  • Easy to use!


Player Groups

  • Easily group players together based on stakes, game type, coach and more!

  • See how specific groups are performing

  • Control what content (videos and charts) groups can access


Sharkscope Integration

This allows you to:

  • Automatically run audits on all Sharkscope-supported sites

  • Set limits for each site individually, including game types, buy-in limits, guarantees, rebuys, reentrys, and speed. 

  • The audits will cross-reference data between allowed games and actually played games to identify misplayed games. 





Some of the types of reports to get detailed data:

  • Transaction Report - All of an individual players' financial transactions

  • Financial Report - All of an individual player’s financial transactions, including any related stable expenses or revenue

  • Profit Report - all your Profit & Loss that can be sorted by many different parameters.

  • Contract Report - Report on how many days are left on players contract, along with other relevant data



  • You can create a library of range tables, with different tables for different groups of players or just for an individual player,

  • Easy sharing of your video library that can be shared with some or all of your players, as you need.




Who's Playing?

  • Real-time monitoring screen where you can track the progress of your players in tournaments.

  • You can easily find which players are active and in which tournaments.

  • Monitor which players are in deep runs.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-08 at 11.29.18 (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-08 at 11.29.18.jpeg


The system reduced the amount of busy work our admins have to do by an order of magnitude. Instead of spending hours every day manually entering data in spreadsheets and moving files around, we re spending those hours on much more valuable activities. We're getting more work done, with less staff. The cost is very small compared to having to hire more staff AND if we do need to hire or replace
staff in the future training them will be much easier than if we were still using spreadsheets.



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